Why Olymo?

Possibility of implementation of individual modules

Intuitive, easy to learn and provides full support

Everything is monitored in real time

Reports are available immediately

Tracks current geolocation

Sets goals and key KPIs

How does Olymo software work?

The cloud system ensures the reliability and security of the data even in an event of technical failure on the server or parts of the infrastructure, the data automatically becomes active on another server. Guaranteed performance is supported by algorithms, which monitor and control changes thus indicating potential problems in real time.
The geolocation services applications allow the company’s management to track whether customers are actually being visited and the frequency of these visits. Based on this, reports are generated later on a monthly basis (number of visits), as well as the total number of active customers.

Tracking the flow of purchase orders

Commercialists use a system to generate purchase orders and the same system can later be used to monitor the status of purchase orders – from invoicing, through packaging to the delivery of goods.

Possibility of envolving customers

The app allows you to include your customers and give them the ability to create orders. This significantly saves your employees time and minimizes the possibility of error.

Possibility of including suppliers

The application allows you to include your suppliers, to the extent that suits the business of your company, and relates exclusively to the supplier’s item assorment.

Generating a numerical distribution report

A large number of different reports allow you to have an overview of the positioning of your brands by partner type, by partners themselves or by your sales representatives at any time.

Targeting module

From our experience, this is the sales segment where companies pay least attention to. When setting targets, they mostly focus on results, not on sales processes which can only be managed. This application not only enables monitoring of the implementation of basic KPIs, but also helps to organize a modern and efficient sales team.


A special segment of the application is dedicated to managing leads and monitoring their conversion into permanent and stable partners of your company

Sales Pipeline

We pay special attention to this as it is one of the basic tools for tracking sales results.The basic idea is that by monitoring the basic stages during the sale, the biggest losses during the process are identified and these shortcomings are eliminated. We have created a module for users whose sales channels also have retail systems, this facilitates the work of the merchandising sector, with the possibility of defining and monitoring planograms.

Key account module

The application provides the ability of defining specific customers as key account customers. This further implies that these customers are tracked in a designated way and that the reports related to them are much more detailed.
Solution offers fleet owners and managers full real-time visibility into fleet performance to successfully achieve efficiencies through one unified platform.