Essential tools for software developers and teams

We build our software so you can enjoy building yours

However big or small your team is, our products will ensure that it always has a smooth and enjoyable experience when building and shipping your code, planning your work, and collaborating. Whatever platform or language you work with, JetBrains has a development tool for you.

Kotlin – Programming language for JVM, Android and browser (Kotlin belongs to the group of static programming languages, ie languages ​​where the types of variables are known during compilation)

MPS – Create your own programming language

Code With Me – Enables community programming in rights or teams

Rider – Cross-platform .NET IDE

PyCharm – Python IDE for professional developers

WebStorm – The smartest JavaScript IDE

PhpStorm – Lightning-smart PHP IDE

ReSharper – Visual Studio extension

CLion – Smart ID on multiple platforms for C and C ++ for .NET developers

DataGrip – Many databases, one tool

RubyMine – The most intelligent Ruby IDE

AppCode – Smart IDE for iOS / macOS development

GoLand – Capable and ergonomic Go IDE

ReSharper C ++ – Visual Studio extension for C ++ developers

dotPeek – Free .NET browser for decompilation and assembly

dotTrace – .NET performance profiler

dotMemory – .NET memory profiler

dotCover – .NET code testing program