A Comprehensive Portfolio of Database Tools for Every Organization. With IDERA database tools, you can:

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – Boost the performance of your mission-critical databases with enterprise-scale monitoring, policy-based management, alerting, reporting, and more.

– Improve your data quality for reliable business decisions by modeling your enterprise’s architecture to establish the foundation for data warehouses.

BUILD EFFECTIVE DATA GOVERNANCE – Prevent security breaches and ensure regulatory compliance with strong access policies and activity auditing across your entire organization.


ER/Studio Data Architect – Create and manage data models for multiple database platforms
ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition – Design and share data models and metadata across the enterprise
ER/Studio Business Architect – Create conceptual and business process models for business architecture
Aqua Data Studio – Design and manage databases, and visually analyze data for many platforms
DB Power Studio – Develop, manage, and tune databases on multiple platforms
Rapid SQL – Develop high-performing SQL codefor multiple database platforms
DB Change Manager – Automate, manage, and track complex schema changes for multiple database platforms


SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server – Monitor, alert, and diagnose SQL Server performance
SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL – Monitor MySQL and MariaDB performance agentless and cost-effectively
SQL Inventory Manager – Discover, track and manage SQL Server inventory and assets
SQL Doctor – Get recommendations and scripts to tune SQL Server performance
DB Optimizer – Tune and optimize SQL code across database platforms
SQL Defrag Manager – Find and fix SQL Server fragmentation hot spots fast
SQL Enterprise Job Manager – Monitor and manage agent jobs across SQL Servers
Precise for Databases – Monitor, diagnose, and optimize relational database performance 24×7


SQL Compliance Manager – Monitor, audit and alert on SQL Server user activity and data changes
SQL Secure – See who has access to what and how permissions are granted in SQL Server
SQL Safe Backup – Hands-free backup and instant recovery across SQL Servers
SQL Admin Toolset – Simplify and streamline day-to-day SQL Server administration tasks
DBArtisan – Manage and secure multiple database platforms from one UI
SQLyog – Manage MySQL and MariaDB databases via an intuitive GUI

MANAGE IT Application Performance

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor – Unify performance monitoring and optimization of
IT infrastructure
Precise for .NET – Monitor and resolve Microsoft .NET performance problems
Precise for SAP – Monitor and resolve SAP performance problems
Precise for PeopleSoft – Monitor and resolve peoplesoft performance problems