A leading digital intelligence company that helps you imagine a better way to work and accelerate your business.

We provide the industry’s most advanced Digital Intelligence platform.

Information, processes, and people are at the core of every enterprise’s strategy. Whether it is to improve your customers’ journey, achieve operational excellence, or be a catalyst for the future, we empower you to gain complete access and understanding of your business processes and the content that fuels them with our Digital Intelligence platform.

This future is only possible with new Digital Intelligence technologies.

Here at ABBYY, we are committed and driven. We go the extra mile to build the best solutions that equip your team with capabilities to realize your vision for the future.
ABBYY technologies are used by more than 5,000 companies, including many of the Fortune 500, and is recognized for its leadership in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Discovery & Mining for driving significant impact where it matters most: customer experience, effectiveness, profitability, and competitive advantage.


Timeline – Process Intelligence for true visibility into processes

Vantage – Platform delivering Content Intelligence skills to make the digital workforce smarter 

Marketplace – Pre-trained cognitive skills and other Digital Intelligence assets. 

FineReader Server – Deploy server-based, large volume OCR solution for document conversion  

FlexiCapture – Capture data from any documents, from structured forms and surveys to unstructured text-heavy papers

FlexiCapture for Invoices – Ready-to-run accounts payable automation solution


Date Capture – Power your document applications with Content Intelligence via seamless SDK integration

Mobile Capture – Enhance your mobile onboarding and digital self-service offerings

NeoML – An open-source machine learning framework


 Mobile Apps – Scan, OCR, Translate with ABBYY 

Mobile Apps – FineScanner, Business Card Reader, and TextGrabber